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jun8. 2243cet

hej ayman…, its the rabarber player…,

im glad you found ways to get my post and responded so quickly. i didnt know if geneva would forward my question, maybe i missed the right time to get connected in the last days of the academy. so…, you see…, its open palais. i never asked anybody what exactly you were looking for in the archive, what things you were up to find there. tell me… it was a lot of people the you, that i would liked to get to know better after reading the short cv in the (reader), what i did sorry ass just late when i was sitting in the train to bln. so i really missed some maybe interesting folks amongst which i was wandering the week. are you working on anything connected to the (program) right now? i wonder what you took with you from there…

i did another recording of the rabarber the last day when all of you were packing their stuff. i spent one more night in the more folky jugendherberge, visited some strange theatre which i stumbled into on the way to the opera. opera wouldve been nabucco, theatre was amateur, i mean really amateur and kindof psycho chose -involving- the audience. how i hate that…

okay, im doing amateur here as well as you may have noticed, but as you see, it works this art bitzos. feel free to use the chose comme tu veux, youve editor rights, dont you?

and: you could bithewai sometime forward the request to asaf whom i really would like to invite to contribute whatever he might find necessary of letting me know. this friday staying at home…, st.