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Dear Steph

(((Kommata 1)))

I know you were looking for a different kommata. I don’t know what it means, but i’m very keen to make my own meaning. Purely coincidental that it attends to your interest in Telugu and the flora of faraway lands. Komma means branch and aata means game. Together they mean branch-game. Not a game that I know of. But recently I read a book by Milan Kundera which ended with “a branch at the entrance of his house [in Denmark] like a held up hand, welcoming him home”.


(((Kommata 2)))

Komma is still branch, but maata is speech / [one’s] word. So, kommata a grammatically incorrect combination of these two, which would mean that it’s the speech of the branch. In motion and in movement. And in whistles and in whispers.

Quick geography lesson. India has several different climatic regions, with vegetations which are same as that of the Sahara desert, the Alps, the Rhine valley, the Amazon, etc., due to varying elevations, latitudes. The type of trees that might describe places I’ve lived in particularly, are deciduous trees. They are known for shedding leaves in summers and go entirely leafless. They apparently do it to save water. Check out Amaltas, that’s the picture I sent you of that glorious yellow tree. Last month, it would have zero leaves and just flowers. Here, the kommata is yellow, naked and so gloriously naked.


(((The field free of certainties)))

Were leaves certainties, the trees are free in summers

Were calendars certainties, we are only free at the end of history

Were we ever free, we would express the universe like any other celestial object

#09303.kommata responsive

hej good morning india…,
well yes, i was up for a special -kommata-, voici:

&you could tell me of the -game-: a play? or an animal?

and by that referring to some (habit) of (gens ennuyant) who always feel the need to correct ones speech, as -kommata- would be the correct (traditional) form plurale of -komma- although -kommas- is long since established. im really pissed off people wanting to tell me german. i like (not in the case of using -kommas- (or not) instead of -kommata- when speaking of the (division sign within phrase particles) provoking that phenomenon, because if challenged i dare to claim i know to not make -any- mistakes writing in my mother tongue… (like) being lazy, to bend of grammatic and orthograph rules, but i know them -by heart-. i prove that by intervening your tries in that subject if im allowed to. am i? i think. you wanted to learn, i hope youre into that encore. i needed help (which is embarrassing i know) in the english language as well since i remark certain (incertanties) expressing myself in that hellofamelange im thinking. feel free to note&correct if somethings put too weirdly.
okay, im off in a minute, this for the monday morn… i enjoy this little conversation very much… st.