10191.how corpus studies

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one 1 will assume :corpora: have, the occupation with one, an undeniable attraction to a reader not preoccupied with what he might discover in the course of an analysis. but…, first: how do we get one? a corpus…

it seems all built. it seems as if material itself constructs what in the end we are able to extract as thesis conclusion. not, that :we: are questioning, searching researching analysing upon an arbitrary formula of wanting-to-know-something but this formula gave us a media dans witch we find without question precisely :no question:. only the answers.

to what aim then rebuild the questions, small world extract some of the initiants to what we found as respondance? can to be able to developing a further set of questions for the next generation of analysts to read out the yet non corresponding answers again some sort of catalogue containing again the means to extract a research question? ad infinitum? there may well be an end to that, but as long as we study the answers, we will find for another period some, maybe few thankful questions.

12156.studies continue

self-analysing corpus essai: https://github.com/esteeschwarz/essais/tree/main/docs/corpusLX

see /data for corpus &results

  1. and that may here just be Ich