09216. probleme des selbst. und wie man ständig mit allem danebenliegt.

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trying to abstract from my very subjective which is clear view on how to lead a discourse about

  • how to engage with the ada as a whole
  • how to activate the archive
  • „what strategies can (I) suggest to uncover, activate, demonstrate, the relationships that built the archive, while acknowledging the complexities that come with this exercise“ (bik v.d.pol)
  • „what research would (I) embark on if (I) would have all the access (I) need“ (bik v.d.pol)

(for example) (a few options as directed to the communal brain of one of the discussion groups by bik van der pol) (semantic issue: -as directed-; not -of the groups by-… that misinterpretation would lead fast into the medias res of

  • how to reflect on issues of accessibility (of the archive), interpretation power (of the content) and impact (on further scientific access) within the limitations of the very own access, interpretation power and impact as being part of the unknown) (klammer zu) (capital I.)

I see I’m not coming to terms. (delay 09216: this is as i was teached the wrong expression, it should rather be: im not solving any…)

I cannot divide the research methods from the subject. I had one grandious pichelsteiner yesterday in the mensa of max planck. everything around here is well sorted out. stepping into the tram, finding the right machine to -validate your ticket-, finding an aisle to get a meal, finding a coffe by following a yet described path and -your- toilet by following instincts. it’s supposed to be on the right hand side when you enter and you cannot miss it, just walk on. its’ traditional architecture, classic white stuff maybe, but for me it works well. fronts pilastered, entrance du verre et bien assure avec un dead end for catching folks. besides the pichelsteiner I was offered the possibility of further collecting -coffee stamps- which I had to deny. warum eigentlich…

hat niemand an seinen thermobecher gedacht? komisch, naja… but I will not mix my issues with the catalogues, folders, lockers. what was the task again?

methods of approaching an approach.

I really love that word. reminds me always of the cockroach. not the cockreach you funny little nestcepas. „no, this brand have we not.“ (Guinnes, A.; Eine Leiche zum Dessert. A rough copy by rotefadenbuecher. Berlin, 2016.) I am just leafing through. ’s not that difficult. only thing is to panel the touch with gloves. ’s working. I’m used to plug out tiny elements vivants with bulky fingers. but for my case theres no need of any element to survive. it’s breakfast is it? hell yeah…

okay. im overdriving. but, seriously…

probably is better to sticking to at least some task if I am as I am luckily given the opportunity to participate in (this.) (this: is here some very weites feld of all-inclusive-labor.) I’m not sure if anybodys able to profit some weird way of what I have to contribute to this (it’s not a project, is it? its other dimension I suppose but as always I am not sure of getting the least. What Im sure of is to lentement come into ways of expressing, elaborating… my humble thoughts to the archive. medias res? medias res.


if Im getting right what it means -to engage- soimeme, I am now to some extend engaged into THE subject. that is?

  • filing an archive
  • doing research within the archive
  • finding ways/methods/formalia to present the primary -content-
  • finding immanent formalia that produced the archive
    • no, one step before: find an answer wether its necessary to elaborate immanent formalia aiming at expanding the archive or if this (expanding it) has to work -without- knowing the architecture.

okay, folks…, its a status fkn chose. not choice. chose. one should know what that means. I mean it. but we were into medias res were we. okay. engage. see, im takin this serious and you-of-whom-i-know-nuttin provoked it. Trusting that no one hacked the server of the hdkdw and the car in front is not stolen (i will investigate on that) theres nothing doubtful about this trusted(as i think) institution being involved into the upcoming task of institutionalising the contents of the archive of e.m. (the grandmaster flash, is he?) first. segundo: (after this i found only brackets in my mind which remind me of my uncapacities to follow (fulfill?) somewhat scientific tasks so i provide this as a more artsyfartsy but still farawayfrombeiinginanyway productive contribue to the presentation of

group II. st. potmaschin. rotefadenbuecher.)

  • and where fuck is now the artsy stuff? hä?
  • ehmm…

(artpiece?) oops theres another one.