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cest du vacances nestcepas? nestcepas. cvd. liberte en choisir des sujets. jchoisi: :etre: le monstrousite du (frankenstein.) cvd: bequem, une bouteille lentement se vanise et dedans…, dedans lhistoire. pasdinstallation dart. non. vraiment. juis ici, etant present, pas plus. ich kann warten. irgendwann werden les gens se vanise et moi? demain cest qque anniversaire, pas sure. mais: si voudrais parler: le maintenant. je sais, vousetes jeune et moi tourne midi quarante. das nur der zugegebenermaszen sehr gute wein. jespere vous travaillez tres forte dans tes etudes et doigts, je sorti bln les jours plus suivantes ayant un rucksackfullofwork godamn.

jnepensepas de intervenir le lecture ce soir, l act performatif sappelle: frankenstein oder wie ich einmal versäumte, für die klausur zu lernen und stattdessen ein gespenst war. en verite.

da sind noch zwei brote im pingpong, noch… brauch nicht gegangen werden. ein netter herr stellte ein bier :zur verfügung:, sehr geil. habtseuchwohl…


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as you may have noticed, the whole komplex is what it is if at all whats about.

where you are maintenant se veux peutetre actualise soi meme cvd. es stellt einen aktualisierenden und damit literarischen gebrauch des (komplex) vor der somit als objekt wahrgenommen werden darf, das Ihren ansprüchen genügt. ich möchte mir mit der teilnahme nur einen pasz verdienen, um meinem bildungsauftrag gerecht werden zu können. danke, ping.

und jetzt, nach dem abgang, wäre zeit, das ganze zu bereuen. kommt aber nix. no fear? no fear. HB wird das retten nehmich an. aufgebahrt in irgendeiner lobby vor schlendernden passanten eigentlich kritischen beobachtern natürlich -mit- bildungsauftrag. den ich see above nur imaginiere aber dann richtig…

10047. voici: bauarbeiter not participating.

10054. auszer als weisze schnürsenkel. springer auf C3. gutän mogään.

10055. scusi, bauarbeiter


[pɐtəsəpɜ͡ɪtɪɳ]. on behalf of own.
this adversion seems to me the most beautiful and horrible sounding expression german is capable. i like to invite you to pay attention to it in conversations. you may not recognize it tout cas dans le melange du tongue (ferme) mais gagnez-vous un oreille. ping. pingback.



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nein. ich klaue nicht.


nein, mein fahrrad ist das nicht.


nee, natalie kennich nich.

#4.לא אני לא photograph


havent we seen within the month?



yes i will, thx for naming it.

#8. paranoid reading, 0012

je ne suis pas sure si lya du gens a debout qui y habiter, mais je faisait etant polite un -ouvre les portes- ne connaitre du ziganes. dis moi. toujours blind end.


de avoir un ace. juis pas… de -gens parti-. de lopera wiesbaden parexample. ou nimporteou.


old zimmermann, dunno the wood. hard keys, maybe loyola somelikethat, me not. i really appreciated taken serious for what im real, not the invention of seat 24. lockers lookalike, and paradox is not symptomatic for

inventions of the circus. leave the eye and the keys, and no fun stuff within a 3min walk. i was visiting a friend round here, maybe huge family; his father kept the lagavulin in the standuhr, also hatte ihn dort

versorgt osä. ich muszte klingeln, to wakem up. i had to ring, one went london, one is at the debussy island. debussy? debussy. correct me… ->rachmaninoff<-



war noch was?

09215.6 piece of art. i think its #1.

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  • to settle. (which is first. always. find a spot exclusive comme ca.)
  • segundo: (which could be described as einfach in der hocke irgendwo rum und hoffne (the inversed hoffen form for -hope- which origins right hier in the middle of the valley of the ingen aning.)
  • tertia quarta quinta: (something ending on -winter; like: fuck, the ice saints got their job misunderstood, nestcepas? nein, diese marke haben wir nicht.)
  • sex, seven witch: genau…, fkf. (settle here in the sense of: to nettle also nettsein im eigentlichen sinne obwohl der sm talk sich innerhalb hier anerkannter limits bewegen würde ich meine w
  • eight) not warcraft hast du den server runtergefahren?
  • nine. es werden immer noch (dinge wirklichkeiten) gespiegelt.
  • ten is me to close to teeth. on the right hand side youll see labcabin, california. left to you: is there anything? you think not i know.
  • let me tell you this elven story. there was a rhodo and at his foot or better, no…, -in- his foot, which was as for a rhodo superpassend (that its looking a bit out of the earth) was a little hole. the rhodo was standing on a single grave – which is for you to dimension a dimension of 1.25×2.5 in metrics – and was doing very well. summer commencement was okay although viola started to complain when it heavily started to rain and her heads fell down on mud. but rhodo knew shed come up again. so, what was the story…, achja…, the hole: nu…, some noneyetfixed rabbit (slap? damn the fuckirregular…) jdfs. kroch he not into the hole completely and somehow managed to make himself comfortable dealing shit. you not ought to name his shit as being in any way fusioned, but it surely burned as hell and rustled, crackled, and tensed with what viola then learned to call
  • AURA. the rhodo denied aura out of his rational approach to anything exterior to him, but she (because viola is always weiblich you have to know) said like
  • whoo, you with that special icannottouchyflair come here and join me. (an dieser stelle i have to explain that viola is a very lets say -frequent- one and the rhodo eher tausndfach verheiratet but you know that as i do for sure…) and this is the moment where the ring is coming ins spiel that the rabbit (or is it which? no, i not seen a rabbit doing such before) had (applied) in as we say wise aning onto one of the rhodo arms when he was still youngandfreshlyshaved in the face bitch. so he was done. (the rhodo, du spast!) where was i? achja…
  • whoowhoo, come…, join meheehe…, did you not seehee…, i also bel
  • so that was actually the point when i lost track of the rhodo history and the last thing i cannot remember was turning the viola head (for economic reasons) and putting her into the karre for in gts nmn free rhodo from the spell of that silver rabbit hole ring thing and used the rest of galvan knowledge to make aura de l’argent. and this is the end of the true story. ihr könnt jetz die fenster schlieszen aber bitte nich alle auf einmal.