09244.letters to ada. the postscript memories.

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#letters to ada. the postscript memories.
i know. i had died another time. but when was that. dunno. tomorrows the funeral. i invited few people standing near to pass it by. cant remember it…
mustebeen two weeks ago round that, whereve i been then?
ashes turning the handle of his bike. hell reach -the building- few minutes left. genevas entering the tunnel yet, and sue i dont know what nas is doing right now, but hesurelys not about to twist this cap another time.
so where were we…, medias res…; still (time) to go. ash locks no unlocks the chain wristed around his shoulder, fixes the capo and opens the door. thats three esses in a row, he wishes had done dis stoplist yet to indexem out. fuck this german…

####kippis lapsikulta. vilma kaksi kolme. the brunhilde environment. or the ennereeske.
####jobo. drago. on mountains we stand.
####hotel share. hierarchic developement.
####open place äh palais. nazi stuff…
####akerman side stories.
####lag b omer. hair cut, kippa. tram station incident.
###mr L. serious man. clever udgl. comic figure.
– do i have to work on this today? i mean…
– we can do this ensemble. but not maintenant.
I should not take his hand, think i. lemme put this together: L, former statue in the lobby, is now a serious man. they grew him up. someone sorted out he have his hair cut on may23rd. i can tell you it was the only way possible to get rid of the very blond on him. wearing the mutz seemed no pleasure to me honestly. but ill take not his hand, still. its filthy from the very beginning. i think hes born that way. ill handim over to the lyn section.
###lyn. shabbath shalom disko, ine lo yanum…
focusing the screen, she merely grasps the idea of what this tool is made. and for what the hell im off. i see her fingers wisching tabs from left to rigth, from right to left. i dunno either…, maybe after the disko. the tool operates soimeme and she has now time to conduct. thats why im listening. cant hear the noise, just some mispelled touchscreen routines that could say this or that, anything but interest. was there an interference yet i did not connect to? i told her knowing the guys whove knowledge and the very moment created the tool some dj environment in which -the guys- can play&forget.
i checked this out. found few material…; new material. i will definitely drop a line to this mf. hes not selling the shit anyway, so why would i pay, why anyone. it sounded like: use it, if you want, its free. so i do. was looking for some connections to whom he described being friends, found none fame. few kaspperes from the outbounds of bln who well manage spitting ww. thought of more weird stuff coming from this scenery…
####sticker, notebook tags.
we exchange now. the stickers we were given become useful besides to finding your bottle in the catacombes. theire tagged to the aluminium surface of the shielded weapons we carry. ill find you a lot in the lockers…, ill share you each days the timestamp of #28., for which i keep the key in a tobacco roll inside my vest. but maintenant…, we exchange. a name in the square scrawled by ash, jobo, sue…, rita; maybe brunhild and some other guys wholl vanish out by end of day. its postscript…, ive written this down longtime past leaving the field. what was that…
a grand exposition of frames and narratives as i have learned to call what was til then just what i just thougth. by now thoughtsve gettin clearer. within a week some of the faces will be gone. so what was it then…
09257. whats it now. saving battery power i guess.
– you finished the stoplist?
– nay im into it encore…
– you better do this ce soir, nestcepas…
– nestcepas.

ashes out for beer instead. or not? was he drinking any? i presume not. okay so then hes into learning this pig german. i bet hes not. why would he…, why would anyone want to learn that…; its probably a symbolic turn. but hes making words, no lie.
09257. in -india- is said theyre about to develop for a 100$ one hometrainer to within 60min cycling to produce a day long energy for some minimal household. i remember EES of earlier days. i wonder. can i burn a fridges calories in one hour? and the device carried? and the device carried? and the device carried? i make a 6v capo lamp gloom the way downtown. where would be the rest of sweat then? i wonder.
hell yeah this tunnel beneath the earthes, whats to find… what do we want to find? is there questions still? not yet answered ones? theres people out there i assume. but to the cave inhabitants, are these real? saispas… one thing i do know: he changed my perspective. im first person now too. if this will work out…
09257. i collide you. i assemble your pieces and the pieces of the others and collide the assemblage again. and this in permanent running at 24TeV. once was knowledge of not to write more than some pieces a day. (days) is determined by the sounds of collisions now. write short sentences. avoid picking up nouns. phrases.
09295. like lost in a bowl. i dont know what it means. maybe a monsoon issue…, like when you climb the stairs, clean doors; bringing home the bacon: and the bacon is gone. by no way of remembering where you lost it. some vagrant may swapped it with a cheap made book. you think of bottles of water in the streets, coffe cups, shawarma. fags? no. no fags. serious stuff instead. vanishing appears mysterious only within the limits of your surrounding. one lost objects leaves traces for sure, but tracing them back to the start youll find yourself outside the tunnel where they usually collide, develop, emerge and emerge and grow to become another isotop that cannot, by you, identified as *the missing object.*
09272. geneva secures the tunnel. she stumbles ahead of me and watches me particles.
1. a hit from the back
2. a slender touch of muscles, constrained…, under some white maybe skin, i cant tell, s too dark.
3. sound: a word like *doeskills*, echoing within the limits of the tunnel. doeskills…, noise cluster; no voice.