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some warm welcome if you found your way which I am not willing to assume. i try to collect here fyi some your special interests connected sujets which you can readaround bei time/bock.

13137.westküste. ich würde Ihnen das gern zeigen..., aber wie zum teufel transportiere ich dieses fragile wesen...
13137.westküste. ich würde Ihnen das gern zeigen…, aber wie zum teufel transportiere ich dieses fragile wesen…
  • if you happen to visit the PhilBib: weg zum buch / a rather conventional output of the edition


i hope you took the chance to sneak some, i got several pings from the uk. some personal…, i did sneak myself and stumbled over some residencies which let you appear more close and less academic, typical. imagining, not just, but maybe in a way that youre writing which i dont know is also close. just wanted that to message, hoping for a kennenlernen no matter which context. theres stories for no water crossing some lavastonedesert and few glimp ereinnerungen, id love to hear about yours. im sorry this all too personal, i said im old, im nerd, and im without any sense for hierarchies nor distance. be that…


schade, naja…, irgendwie wird das so nix. can we meet trotzdem and talk water? i’d love to show you the schattendruck, really.


thank you for the bridge…, i still like to (meet), maybe… show you the daily nature im surrounded by…, fenced, guarded, artificial maybe, but a way of how it works in the city. you will not gather that probably, it takes a long time to love that place.

your dictionary…, is another thing…; i had once found an old gesenius hebrew lexikon, in bad shape for still a lot of money. i knew a bookbinder and had the book restaurated for another heap of money. its a shabbes companion and i like to touch its back very much…, now precious and soft leather.