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theres thresholds. not necessarily only that of educational background but also some of class issue as i, friedhofsgärtner, toowhitetooldtoohetero, am seulement able to perspective this way. i really tried to forcing people into teaching me their point of view, but last at the moment of realising my own limited perception i loose any voice any opinion any point of view. see? your privileges? no? schade…, because there should be always two sides of looking at thing, at least. and if that would be one of the privileged and one of the not, why would anyone think the uppersome side is not able to reflect on the i think not guilty inherited privileges that the beyond lentement, but (from my limited view: finally…, and i will never get a point of whats bad about -us- loosing this heritage, you may, but i dont know why) claim for themselves. please let me know, im fuckin not closed to any opinion (et voici: ilya, le moment de se vouloir taire…) besides tekkno nazischeisz & heimatliedern. thanks a lot, mampfelot. st.