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habich was verpasst?
habich was verpasst?

good morning hisonisti…, briefly into the reine bezug: i am sincerely missing to sitting this hour in the waking up north of that temporal community. as i was absent all day some mustebeen happening to the mind of mine i.e. i cant really remember all the minor issues but have one grande warm overall-impression of the week saying i wasnt that absent although it desperately felt like. i am dreaming of soundshifts & depalatisation and long to once again have tischdienst. i hope youre all landed safely :where you came from: and will remember the strand, the heide, the muddy watt and the plopping of flens – something of which i dont know if its really necessary, eigentlich can you open the bottle without sound, but seemed you like that announcement of having a beer from time to time.

thank you teachers for the intense lessons, i learned alot without fading away. this strict patterning of ban horn time somehow conditionalised me to now have a strong need for beeing occupied with your stuff-of-never-heard-before. didnt know i could be interested in such, but see, i will dive deeper into (soundshifts & depalatisation). its lot to learn and i am thankful the great experience though not talking much aside, thats me part of the autisterna.

on here more when i developed your schemes, i will be occupied with aftermath of the lectures soon…, bis dann alles gute, st.