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Last Updated on 20240124(08.56)

1 pub essai R to WP

publishing using R package duncantl/RWordPress (Lang 2023) wks half: the pandoc citation features and footnotes which are generated by the knit2wp()-function of the knitr package (Yihui 2024) are not correctly converted to the post html.

1.1 snc

  1. knitXwp lib installed on mini.2:post wt lib,apply.css,uniquecss id,chk,toc,img1

1.2 workaround

pid<-0 # set postID of post created with knit2wp() or any existing post
rmd<-"sample.Rmd" # path of the R-Markdown file
render(rmd) # renders the .Rmd according to the parameters specified in the YAML header of the .Rmd
p.html<-mark(p.content) # renders the created .md file
editPost(pid,content = p.html) # actualises post content

script to create html content of post

title: "14022"
author: "xxx"
date: "2024-01-08"
   variant: markdown_phpextra+backtick_code_blocks
   toc: true
   number_sections: true
   pandoc_args: ["--wrap=none"]
bibliography: sample.bib

yaml-header of the .Rmd rendered

1.3 persistent solution

modified the content of the knit2wp() function as to use render() and mark() instead of knit() and markdownToHTML(). now works.

1.4 R package

wrote small R package that does the same: https://github.com/esteeschwarz/knitXwp

1.5 issues

1.5.1 14045.

  • if there are images in the post: they are uploaded, but not overwritten on the server, if uploaded again in case you actualise the post. that means for every post action a new image on the server is created with a trailing increasing number. this is a wordpress feature to prevent overwrite uploaded files with the same name.
  • tweaking in the wordpress functions to prevent that, had no success. so i will integrate a function which allows deleting old instances of images if you decide for that. play along image references

quanteda wordcloud output of this document

1.6 versions

1.6.1 14037.v0.1.5

  • its now possible to apply a stylesheet to the html output of the post container in the blog.
  • prevent toc entry jumping across different post with possible same toc entries (references, method), added unique id to all section headers and toc entries
  • add back-to-top button to section headers to jump back to outline from there

2 B: references

Lang, Duncan Temple. 2023. “Duncantl/RWordPress.” https://github.com/duncantl/RWordPress.

Yihui, Xie. 2024. “Knitr – Yihui Xie 谢益辉.” https://yihui.org/knitr/.